The few warm days we’ve had so far have felt like a summer teaser, and we’ve enjoyed those sunny afternoons reminiscing about all the good things we love and miss about the warmest and most exciting season of the year, which is just a couple of months away!! Here are our top 10 things we look forward to in the summer:

1. The beach

Going to the beach had to be number one on this list! Relaxing on lounge chairs, sipping chilly fruit cocktail smoothies, walking barefoot on the warm sand, listening to the waves crashing on the shore, enjoying plain laziness … what’s not to love?

2. That golden tan

Unless you’re a total solarium addict, we’re pretty sure you’ve had enough of your pale looks. And although you might be taking advantage of the spring sunlight to start sunbathing, you won’t be perfecting your tan without the sizzling summer sun!

3. Summer clothes

And don’t you want to show off that tan? Colorful outfits, bohemian dresses, shorts and skirts, open-toed shoes are absolutely more pleasant and sexy to wear than the winter wardrobe. We can’t wait to enjoy light and sheer summer clothes on our bronze skin. 

4. Water sports

Summer in Lebanon hosts a wide range of water sports and activities and it would be a shame not to get outside and explore the Mediterranean in the fresh air and great outdoors! Dive into the sea, hop on a boat or experience the thrill of wake-boarding or parasailing. Go kayaking for the sunset or spend the day fishing for food or fun.

5. Less morning traffic

Summer means no school for kids, but it might as well mean no school traffic for those of us commuting to work! We all endlessly enjoy this extra half hour of sleep in the morning before September brings back the school rush!

6. Summer schedules

Work half day and go to the beach in the afternoon? Definitely possible if you are lucky enough to work the short summer office hours! And even if you do regular hours, you can still finish work and enjoy the rest of the day while it’s still shining bright outside.

7. The return of the Expats

Who doesn’t have this one group of expat friends who always end up coming back to Beirut to spend their summer vacation because there’s much more happening here than anywhere else?! Maybe you haven’t seen them in a while, but expat friendships are super well preserved and ready to be reactivated. Admit it, a summer without your BFF expats is not your typical Lebanese summer!

8. Afternoon rooftops drinks

Sunset rooftop gatherings on breezy summer afternoons help us forget what the humidity does to our hair because we are longing for some sunset rooftops gatherings on a breezing summer afternoon. 

9. Watermelon

Few things shout out the arrival of summer quite like watermelons. This refreshing summer fruit is the perfect addition to barbecue parties and the ideal snack that pairs wonderfully with halloumi or feta during beach days! Plus it keeps you energized and hydrated during the hot summer days!

10. Barbecues

Everybody loves a summer barbecue. And whenever the sun is out and the days are long, our thoughts naturally turn to this one single evidence: fire up the grill, gather your family and friends, and enjoy the tasty food and the fabulous weather. 


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