Even if you don’t notice it, many of the places you used to go to close down routinely either because they went bankrupt or due to the country’s instability. But not to worry, we will not let their memory fade away as Lebanese citizens. Here are the top places we wish would re-open in Lebanon:

1. Hard Rock Cafe Beirut

Image via Albawaba.com

It was with great sadness that we saw the only Hard Rock Cafe in Lebanon located in Ain Mraysseh close down. The infamous restaurant has branches in major cities all over the world and had been present in Beirut since 1996. We miss you, beer and wings nights! We’re hoping Hard Rock will re-open in a new location in Beirut in the future.

2. Habtoorland

Located in Jamhour, Habtoorland was the only theme park in Lebanon. The theme was the Phoenicians and construction of the park cost around 40 million dollars. Some say it closed in 2011 due to political instability, while others say that the investor went bankrupt. Either way we don’t care, we just want our awesome roller coasters back.

3. St Georges Hotel

Image via Beirutreport.com

This Hotel in the center of Beirut is the symbol of Beirut’s golden ages and was known for its elite guests. Although the hotel lost its special access to the marina after legal battles with Solidere, owners are planning to renovate it. Today, the hotel is still closed but we can’t wait for it to re-open.

4. Fun Time Pizza

Image via Gameroomblog.com

If you’ve ever visited this arcade in Dbayeh, your childhood was awesome. In addition to its awesome arcade games, the place offered delicious pizzas. Most of us Fun Time Pizza fans are probably too old for it now, but it should re-open so younger generations can have the pizza and arcade day of their dreams.

5. Horsh Beirut

Image via Beirutgreenproject.com

Yes Horsh Beirut, the only large green space left in Beirut, is now finally open to the public on Saturdays. But why not open it for good and give us a place to chill and get some fresh (garbage-free) air that we so desperately need?

6. Thierry’s Friends

This gadget shop was THE place to buy overpriced gifts (that weren’t really worth it) for our loved ones. On second thought, let’s keep this one closed.

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