Sole Insight is a philosophical-artistic cafe and mouneh, a space of contemplation, located in the middle of Vendome stairs. From here it gathers interesting individuals from all around the world.
What do we offer?
We serve you insights - springing from our menu, philosophy and art. Our menu offers coffees, herbal teas and fresh juices, homemade pastries and cakes. We (re)introduce the Lebanese countryside through products like jams, molasses, labneh, pickles and other authentic delights. Sole kitchen prepares daily dishes offering a vegetarian twist on Lebanese home cuisine.
But beyond just satisfying the culinary senses, the purpose of Sole Insight is to take Art and Philosophy into daily life - and to take the daily life into art and philosophy.
To this end, Sole Insight offers:
A small library on philosophy and art and other interesting studies to provoke and stimulate original insight and reflection on our daily life; art exhibitions on the stairs by a wide variety of artists, making art an invitation to all; thereby making space more public and “public” more spacious; Music and poetry performances will transform the stairs into a public stage, a theatre of life, where life and theatre become indistinguishable
Sole Insight is an initiative to stimulate a sensory intellectual experience and community, through art, music, poetry, and philosophy, by adding them to our down-to-earth daily life needs, setting the stage for our ambitions and minds, and yet building bridges from dream to reality.

Sole Insight

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    Vendome Stairs, Ashrafiyah Achrafieh Mob.: +9613588919


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