Why dwell on the things you cannot get? Today, with BLC Bank's personal Loan, we grant you the forever wish list you have always wanted, without missing on a single thing!


Loan Period: Up to 5 years
Grace Period: Enjoy up to three months grace period before you start repaying the loan
Life Insurance: Cover your outstanding loan amount with a life insurance
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to USD 30,000 or its equivalent in LBP


Applicant Age: Between 18 and 64 years old
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese
Minimum Monthly Income: USD 550 or LBP 800,000
Career Status: Self employed or employed
Personal Loan at BLC Bank

Addresses and Contacts

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    Bank Product of: BLC Bank Adib Ishak Street Achrafieh

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    Bank Product of: BLC Bank Mar Elias Street Mar Elias

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    Bank Product of: BLC Bank Tabaris Achrafieh

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