SIAD Pest Control works closely with Bayer Environmental Science, a global market leader specialized in safe public health solutions, with an aim of controlling pests while safeguarding the environment from any harmful exposure.

SIAD Pest Control solutions are more into creating a safer environment to live in, than just getting rid of pests. Their products and professional techniques are based on Bayer Quality, which cause no harm to the environment.

Bayer pesticides are mainly used by our PCO team including:
• Insecticides against crawling and flying insects in all their developmental stages for long lasting effect.
• Rodenticides (anticoagulants) of the second and third generations in order to control resistant strains.
• Fumigants for protection against storage pests in foodstuff, tobacco, animal feeds, furniture, icons and valuables.

All Bayer and Detia Degesch products used by the PCO team meet WHO and environmental protection agencies (EPA) standards and are approved for use worldwide.

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    Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
SIAD Pest Control Bayer Quality

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    Gallery Khabbaz Main Road Baouchrieh Tel.: +9611889971/2/3


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