The only work you should do at University is your homework. The only financial problems you should face are your finance exams. Don't worry about your tuitions because we're here for you. You only have to choose your Major, choose your University and choose BLC Bank.


Loan Period: Up to 10 years after the grace period
Interest Rate: 3%
File Fees: No file fees and no bank commissions
Grace Period: Take advantage of a whole year off after graduating, before you start repaying


Applicant Nationality: Lebanese
Student Loan at BLC Bank

Addresses and Contacts

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    Bank Product of: BLC Bank Selim Boustross St. Dakdouk Bldg Achrafieh

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    Bank Product of: BLC Bank Hamra Main Road Hamra

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    Bank Product of: BLC Bank Mar Mikhael Gemmayzeh

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