Note: this is based on the writer’s personal experience. We do not condone any unrealistic standards of beauty perpetrated by media and advertising. We appreciate healthy and happy bodies and minds.

The dreadful moment is arriving: summer is just around the corner and we are nowhere ready for bikini season. Winter nights of snacking and endless drinking have finally caught up and our slowing metabolism has become more apparent than ever.

Your once favorite skinny jeans have been replaced with at least 5 pairs of the same black leggings and that beer belly isn't doing you any favors. Can you relate?

Do not despair ladies and gentlemen! We have a few simple tricks to get you back in shape this summer.

1. Eat your breakfast.

Our fast-paced lives may cause you to skip a few meals, but a good breakfast will put you on the right track. Before fueling your body with much needed caffeine, we advise you to ingest a diverse breakfast consisting of:

One glass of water as soon as you wake up, followed by a banana, some oats, or your choice of boiled or scrambled eggs. Your breakfast should the largest meal of the day while your dinner should be the smallest.

Pro-tip: Get your hands on some rice cakes! They might taste like cardboard at first, but will soon become a breakfast necessity and a great substitute for white bread.

2. Snack!

Yes, snack! Keep your metabolism active during meals with a few healthy snacks like a small handful of almonds, a few strawberries, or an apple. Eat 5 times a day, 3 full meals and two snacks in between. Snacking will also keep you from devouring a 6-course meal when you get to the point of starvation.

Pro-tip 2: Prepare meals and snacks the night before your workday. You would save time, money, and get one step closer to your summer body.

3. Forget the Fries.

Almost every restaurant meal is accompanied by devilishly delicious french fries, but as delicious as fried food is, it does nothing but bring your body down. It’s not always easy to change your eating habits completely, but making minor changes can give you big results. Just ditching fries for a while is sure to make a dent in your calorie count, and your waist line. If you really can’t quit the fries, making the switch to grilled or baked potatoes will make a huge difference.

4. While you're at it, forget the sweets.

This is the toughest one…we know, but you'll get used to it with sheer determination. Replace your chocolate bar with a healthier version: some chocolate covered nuts or real dark chocolate, no processed crap!

Pro-Tip: If you're in dire need of something sweet mid-week, cut some bananas up, add peanut butter, and a little honey. DOUBLE YUM!

5. Exercise…

This one is obvious but we have a couple suggestions if hitting the treadmill isn't for you. You can try some classes out and see which one suits you best. Some personal favorites are FightDo and Cross-fit which are offered at most gyms. The classes are more of an enjoyable dance with hyped up music and a good sweat.

Walk, take the stairs, rent a bike, or go on a hike. Put it your head that you want to be more active and watch your body respond.

6. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.

This is a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many of us don’t drink water! Drinking an adequate amount of water will help you de-bloat and curb your appetite. Download a free water-drinking app like DailyWater or Waterlogged to schedule drinking reminders.

7. Watch your drinking.

Of alcohol, that is. Most drinks are extremely sugary and can cause you to get very snack-y after a night of drinking. Stick to clear liquors, and watch out for sugar-filled mixers! Try to limit yourself to two drinks a week.

8. Write it down and let it go.

Let go of all excuses holding you back from achieving the body you want.

A few examples would be:
"I'll start tomorrow."
I don't have time.
I've tried before. It's just not for me.

Now, write it down on a piece of paper and pin it on the fridge:

"I am going to be fit and healthy with in 3 months." (The more detailed the better.)

This will trigger focus and rearrange your mindset.

Finally, celebrate your success even it's is a loss of kilogram or slight muscle definition. You are on your way and one day you will get there .

It's important to be fit, not because of social standards, but because a fit body accompanies a fit mind. Strong bones, a healthy body, and an active lifestyle enables you to enjoy more of life and live it to it's fullest.


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