As the (self-proclaimed) reigning queen of to-do-lists, I decided to write a list of foods to eat before I “kick the bucket.” (For those who don’t know, that is a pleasant way of referring to death.) To avoid being filled with regret once you hit old age, here are 5 foods that you definitely have to try before you die!

1. OYSTERS: The World is Your Oyster (Denmark)

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Oysters are one of the greatest delicacies the culinary world has to offer. Considered an aphrodisiac, the 18th-century writer and busy ladies’ man, Giacomo Casanova, claimed to eat up to 50 a day! The absolute best oysters hail from Denmark. In fact, it’s been rumored that the King of Denmark selfishly kept them all to himself back in the day. Just a simple squeeze of lemon on a fresh oyster and you can taste the sea.

2. Fresh Lobster (Maine)

Fresh lobster will change your life. Okay, we’re exaggerating - but nothing will taste as good as a simple freshly boiled lobster with tons of butter sauce on the side! Or have it in a roll like a boss.

3. Too good to sanction: Kabab Koobideh (Iran)

There are many great places on Planet Earth where you can find a good kabab but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the Iranian version of the dish. Served with buttery saffron-flavored rice and sumac, it is the mic drop of kababs.

4. The Mount Everest of Sandwiches: Shawarma (Lebanon)

Not all shawarmas are made equal and the one from Abu Joseph is hands down the best in the world. No wonder if was voted ‘The World’s Tastiest Sandwich,’ you will clap when it’s done and happily cross it off your list.

5. Escargot (France)

I’m going to end off this list by taking it to the next level: snails. Central to the French culinary identity, escargot (or snails) is as expensive as it is tasty. High in protein and low in fat, archeological excavations have discovered that it was eaten as far back as prehistoric times. A Lebanese friend of mine told me she is certain her visa to France was approved because she stated escargot as the purpose of her visa.

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