I usually make it a point to only order dishes I can’t make at home. This often prevents me from ordering most pasta dishes as they are generally easy to replicate. But this dish changed everything for me.

Where: Bread Republic, Achrafieh.

What: Pumpkin Ravioli and Potatoes.

At first, I was really skeptical about ordering this, it was pasta, potatoes, and pumpkin; so many starches in one dish. But I quickly discovered that this marriage of starches was of the best kind.

The perfectly cooked and generously filled raviolis sat in a delicious cream sauce along with some potatoes, the cream used in this dish perfectly matches the pumpkin center of the ravioli.

The sauce was so light that it did not overpower the usually mild taste of pumpkin or the combination of flavors that came together. I also didn’t feel too heavy or sluggish after eating it.

It makes you wonder for a moment and silently praise their skills. 

Price: 18,500 LL


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