Feeling clueless when it comes to gift-giving? Sometimes it can feel like any gift you think of is either too lame or over-played, especially when the person you are buying the gift for is particularly special to you.

That's why we've decided to help you out with a few alternative ideas for the next time you’re stuck, here they are!

1. A cooking class: for foodies and aspiring chefs

Sign up your loved one for one or several cooking classes. KitchenLab is a great place to start, they routinely offer a variety of cooking classes from beginner levels as well as classes in specific cuisines. You’re giving a life skill as a gift, and that’s pretty cool!

2. An experience instead of an object – For adrenaline junkies

If you know there is a specific concert , game, or any event happening in town that means a lot to the person you are gifting, why not give them tickets to that event as a gift?

For example, there's a Bungee jumping event taking place on June 3-5 at Ain El Mreisseh, a solo jump is $60 and a tandem jump is $100. It's the perfect gift for your adrenaline-junkie friend!

You can learn more here.

3. A vineyard tour: for drinkers and wine lovers

Sometimes, giving someone an experience is way better than any material item you could gift. Setting up a full day trip at a winery is a great time for everyone, be sure to pick them up as to not inconvenience them.

For a list of vineyards and wineries in Lebanon, click here.

4. A subscription/gift box: for the food/coffee/tea/book obsessed

So far in Lebanon, the only subscription box offered is ‘The Box’ and it’s geared towards foodies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own boxes to gift! Pick a theme, it could be whisky, tea, coffee, wine, comic books, make up, electronic gadgets, or anything at all - and just fill a box with accessories and items relating to each one.

5. Personal care: for workaholics

Many people don’t have the heart to dish out the cash for a full spa day or even a spa treatment, even if they really want to. Book them a full day of facials and massages for a chance to give them some deserved relaxation.

Or how about buying them a gym membership if you know they are in to fitness? It could also be a specific dance class you think they might enjoy.

Here's a list of most spas, gyms, and dance studios.

6. Make a donation to their favorite charity: for the humanitarian

If you know this person is passionate about helping others or if you are aware of their own efforts to help a specific charity, give them a gift by helping them with that cause. You would be doing a good deed and gifting your friend in the most unique way. True humanitarians would be inspired and very appreciative of someone who thought of supporting their passions.

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