Game Of Thrones is back! Here are some things we hope to see this season:

1. The resurrection of Jon Snow

Jon Snow was betrayed and killed by his own men, and people are still clinging to the hope that Jon Snow will return in Season 6. There are speculations and theories that he will be resurrected and we will get to see more of him in this new season.

2. The Stark Sisters

It is also being speculated that Season 6 is going to be an important one for Sansa. When we last saw her, she and Theon were leaping off the high wall of Winterfell. Arya, on the other hand, is now blind and we will have to wait and see if the many-faced God will return her sight.

3. The return of Bran

We didn’t get to see Bran in Season 5 and are waiting for his reappearance on the show. Season 6 will likely explain his absence and there may be a dramatic twist in store. Also, it will be interesting to see what Rickon has been up to in the meantime as well.

4. The role of the Sparrows

Season 5 saw Cersei invest in ‘The Sparrows’, a group of religious fundamentalists, and then get humiliated by them in the famous scene of her walk of shame. The powerful group will probably have an important role to play in the next season as well. Will they be taken down or rule?

5. Tyrion ruling Meereen

Another exciting thing that some fans are looking forward to in Season 6 is seeing Tyrion rule Meereen. It remains to be seen if Varys will help Tyrion rule the city similar to how he helped him when he was hand of the king. Do you think Tyrion can step up the challenge of ruling the city?

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