While everyone is busy rejoicing about the long-awaited Beirut rooftop season being upon us, one cannot but apprehend some of the drawbacks this open-air season has yet to offer. Let‘s fill you in:

The socialites

They came, they saw, they were seen. And for those who couldn’t see them there, well, they checked in on Facebook. With a bonus selfie snapped in the bathroom.

The bad hair equation

Worst combination ever: hair + humidity = crazy looking lady who's sure to scare off tonight’s hunk.

This year’s novel feature: the smell of garbage

This might actually be a good incentive to get drunk, maybe in our euphoria we won’t be able to smell it anymore?

The sweat effect

Even with all the ventilation system in the world, your shirts and clothes are bound to end up a few shades darket than they started out.

The waiting list

The struggle is real: what if you don’t get a table (even the tiniest one) in the trendiest of rooftops? It's like Cersei's walk of shame in Game Of Thrones.

And if you do get yourself a table…

Congrats! Get ready to spend a fortune.


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Good one. Bravo

Mona Boustany on May 3, 2016 via mobile web