Because cheese makes everything better, we’ve rounded up some of the best (and cheesiest) dishes around!

1. Macaroni and Cheese at St. Elmo’s

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Served in a hot iron pan, St. Elmo’s specialty Macaroni & Cheese is dished up just the way it should be: rich, gooey and super cheesy. Break through the garlic bread crust, inhale the savory aroma, and dig into the mouthwatering mélange of cheddar cheese and macaroni. If you’re looking for an extra twist, St Elmo’s also has a spicy shrimp version.

2. Classic Mozzarella at Classic Burger Joint

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Forget all the cheeseburgers and Juicy Lucy’s, because as far as cheese is concerned, the Special Classic Mozzarella Burger at CBJ is where it’s at. With all the doings of the Classic, but with a mozzarella patty instead of beef, you won’t even miss the meat when you bite into that breaded, oozing, cheesy goodness.

3. Cheese Mixology Sandwich at Orient Express

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A special take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, the Cheese Mixology tastes and looks as impressive as it sounds. You won’t find just cheese in this sandwich though. Alternating between layers of Parmesan, yellow cheddar and mozzarella are green apple slices, cinnamon, and spinach resulting in what can only be described as a party in your mouth.

4. Brie n’ Blueberry at Divvy

Served in a metallic fryer, this upscale diner-style starter consists of six cubes of fried and breaded Brie cheese. While just as tasty on their own, what takes the Brie to another level is the delicious signature blueberry dip that accompanies them, the combination is a match made in heaven.

5. Cheese Platter at The Beazbee

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A list of cheesy dishes isn’t complete with a cheese platter, and The Beazbee serves up one of the best. A number of cheeses make their debut alongside a variety of dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, and baked bread satisfying all your taste buds and senses. Make sure to pair the platter with a local or foreign wine from their large collection.

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