It’s a fact that you may have chosen your job, but you definitely didn’t choose your colleagues.

And since you spend a lot of time at the office, you might be seeing a lot more of them than your friends and family. But there are some things you would have never signed up for to begin with. Here are a few examples:

A typical morning

Your colleagues arrive late as usual but regardless, their one-hour Nescafé “sobhiyeh” is a ritual. How else would they brainstorm their lunch options?

The meeting overdose

It’s only 10 AM but you’vr already made it through four or five meetings. Apparently, not everyone is familiar with the use of emails and conference calls. What did you say? Another meeting to discuss an email? Great.

Does your boss wear Prada?

Then you’d better never be late to bring her coffee, or anything else for that matter.

Dreading the deadlines

Struggling as usual to meet the deadline that was set two months ago because of everyone’s last minute amendments and approvals on the project? Been there.

The curious case of the printer

When your boss asks you to urgently print out the 348 pages financial report, but the printer decides otherwise.

Too much open space

When you have to share more than the office space with your colleagues and listen to them ordering the “me7che malfouf” ingredients over the phone, and afterwards listen to a lengthy explaination to their housekeeper on how to cook the whole meal.

Keeping up with the gossip

Did you hear? Roy got 10 times my bonus! OMG Nathalie didn’t even invite Lamia to her wedding! Nadim is dating 5 girls at the same time. Sarah did all the work but Amanda took all the credit. Myriam’s boyfriend cheated on her.

Punching out

No I’m not “mwazaf dawleh”! No: leaving the office on time doesn’t mean we are any less dedicated to our work.

Breaking down

And when everyone around you is driving you crazy, just think of Happy Hour and remember why you wanted this job in the first place.


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