The company was founded in 1963 in Beirut, Lebanon by Mr. Antranik Derderian
under the name of “Rideaux Regent”. Over the years it gradually became one of
the most acclaimed and reputable companies in window treatments and interior
decoration business. In early 90s the company has been renamed to Window & Wall
with its extensive showroom and a wide variety of choices in fabrics, curtains, sunblock systems and styles.

Window & Wall is the sole agent in Lebanon of FOREST DRAPERY HARDWARE.
Forest offers a complete line with drapery hardware systems and picture hanging systems.
The various systems are depicted below. In order to select the most appropriate curtain track for your specific application you can use the product advisor.

Window & Wall

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    Mezher, Al Ghawarmeh Street, Antelias Tel.: +9614713875
    Mob.: +9613759875
    Mob.: +9613253949


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