It’s finally hot enough to consume ice cream by the kilo, so I headed to Orso Bianco ice cream parlor, a tiny authentic ice cream shop in Achrafieh to see what they had cooking (or rather, cooling). I love that they always have fresh and innovative concoctions, like the mulberry ice cream with chunks of mulberry and the chocolate and whiskey ice cream swirl.

This time, I opted for the strawberry gelato dipped in milk chocolate on a stick. Here’s how it was:

Where: Orso Bianco, Achrafieh

What: Strawberry gelato on a stick, coated in milk chocolate

Price: 4, 000 LL

The best part about this gelato on a stick is the quality of the very flavorful strawberry gelato. It was fresh and smooth, and tasted of actual strawberries. Gelato is different than ice cream in that it is made with less sugar, which always the fruit flavor to burst through.

Next, you will realize that strawberry matches perfectly with their creamy and sweet milk chocolate shell.

This desert offers a refreshing spin on the traditional scoop of gelato. Oh, and the best part? Orso Bianco has sugar-free gelato!


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It is the best;)

Hanine Abdel Rahman on May 14, 2016 via mobile web