Are you ready for double pleasure in 1 Day and 2 Night?

Pleasure # 1: Party like it's Dany's Birthday.
All of you who received Dany's Anniversary Cups (the black MUGS with Dany’s logo on them) we would like to invite you every last Sunday of the month starting this Sunday the 31st of October to drink for free (drink responsibly of course). All you have to do is bring your cups and your lovable spirits and we will all party like it’s our birthday all over again.
For those of you who didn’t receive the limited edition MUG, we will be distributing 10 cups a month each month, so make sure you are at Dany’s often.

Pleasure # 2: Dress to Impress.
Dig into your closets and bring your 80's clothes. It is Halloween and we want to live the 80's with funky clothes, colored wigs and fabulous accessories!
Dany's is waiting for you so we can start dressing like the 80's, listening to the 80's and the live the 80's.....

  • Customer's given Limited Edition Black Mugs with Dany's logo on them are in invited to drink for free.
  • Costumes: 80's Fashion
Double the Pleasure October 31st at Dany's

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    Dany's Street 78 Hamra Mob.: +9613904547


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