Relax, hashtag warriors. You don’t have to point out that photos of dead children are more insulting than bad tabbouleh, we know. It’s just a little article, you can calm your tiny titties.

Here are a few photos I found online of dishes described as ‘tabbouleh’, but in reality they’re just outrageous travesties.

1. This Quinoa-Avocado Tabbouleh

Get your hipster tabbouleh out of my life. Recipe here.

2. This mess

Is that CABBAGE? Recipe here.

3. This insult to our cuisine.

Chickpeas are in that other Lebanese dish. Recipe here.

4. This big no-no.

Fasoulya in Tabbouleh? Recipe here.

5. Bless this mess.

GTFO with your asparagus. Recipe here.

6. This grape tabbouleh.

This is the reason the sad face emoji was created. Recipe here.

7. And this.

Ah yes, the classic goat cheese and beetroot tabbouleh. Recipe here.

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Howling laughing. Try being Lebanese living in the US ... You see this shit all the time. And you roll your eyes toward heaven...

Altair D. Vega on May 26, 2016 via web
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Tout est bon.Simple,facile et nourrissant.Idéal pour les repas d'été.

Najwa Hajj on May 25, 2016 via web