While we wait for the summer vibes (and heat) to fully set in, a spring weekend getaway can be a great way to cool down or get some awesome tan lines before the heatwaves hit.

Whether you’re in the mood for hiking and outdoor activities, exploring old towns or relaxing and eating-till-you-drop, here are four weekend getaway ideas that are well worth the commute.

1. Beiteddine

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Located in the Chouf district, Beiteddine is a traditional and well-preserved town located just 43 km southeast of Beirut. While small in size, Beiteddine is one of Lebanon’s most important historical and cultural sites and is also home to several fascinating touristic attractions, such as the magnificent 19th century Beiteddine Palace where the annual summer festival takes place.

Where to stay: Bouyouti, EcoVillage, Mir Amin Palace Hotel, Secret Haven

Where to eat: Restaurant Beit Al Dine, Al Amira, Al Hatemia, Diwan Al Farah, Rawabi Al Amir

Things to see and do: Moussa Castle, Beiteddine Palace, Mosque of Emir Fakhreddine, Hiking in the Barouk Cedars Reserve, Marie Baz Wax Museum

2. Tyre

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If you’re looking for more of a peaceful weekend getaway, Tyre (also known as Sour) has a lot to offer. Located on the Mediterranean coast of southern Lebanon, the historic town of Sour is as well known for its abundance of archaeological wealth as it is for its pristine beaches, clean waters, delicious seafood, and seaside escapes. Relax on the beach or wander through the ruins of civilizations past and allow this beautiful town to charm you.

Where to stay: Al-Yasmine Guesthouse, Dar Alma Hotel, The Orange House, Tyre Rest House, Al-Fanar

Where to eat: Chez Tony, Le Phenicien, Diver’s Inn, Tanit Restaurant, Tyros Restaurant, Al-Fanar Restaurant

Things to see and do: Fishing Harbor and Souqs, Tyre Beach Nature Reserve, Archaeological Sites, Mosaic Street, Hippodrome, Historic Aqueducts, Crusader Cathedral, walk the Corniche

3. Douma

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Red-roofed Douma is a typical example of a Mount Lebanon town. It has been inhabited since at least 317 A.D making it one of the richest sites of traditional heritage in Lebanon. Surrounded by remarkable nature and mountainous landscapes, the beautiful town is a complex of traditional houses with central halls and lively souks. If you want to take a trip back in time, beat the heat and enjoy some gorgeous views, Douma is waiting for you.

Where to stay: Hotel Douma, Beit Douma

Where to eat: Esclapio, Hotel Douma

Things to see and do: Old Souks, Old Houses, Hiking, Outdoor activities, Camping, Walking tour

4. Dhour Choueir

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With summer starting to creep in, there’s no better way to escape the heat than by heading to a mountain town for the weekend. Overlooking the city of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, the picturesque village of Dhour Choueir sits at a height of 1,200 meters and boasts beautiful views of natural scenery, making it the perfect place to escape, unwind and pretty much do nothing else, except maybe eat.

Where to stay: OnetoOne Hotel, Bois de Boulogne Hotel, Hotel Central

Where to eat: OnetoOne Hotel, Khaymet el Saniour, La Popotte, Karket el Haj

Things to see and do: Old Houses, Old Souk, Ancient Bridges, Forests of Boulogne, Hiking

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