In life, there are the messy people…and then there are the others. Put your cleaning and organizing aside for five minutes and see if this applies to you.

1. You love hosting parties but hate waiting until your guests are gone to start cleaning up. Because it CANNOT wait until the next day.

2. You wouldn’t survive one day at an office with an open space, with all of your colleagues’ messes surrounding you.

3. You behave in a socially awkward way around your housekeeper because deep down, you know nobody could ever clean as well as you do.

4. You get panic attacks when your kids start playing, and question your ability to deal with their mess.

5. If you are at a friend’s place, you feel the urge to save them from their sloppiness and get their lives in order.

6. You won’t admit to anyone that you have a secret closet where you hide your mess.

7. Your fantasy wedding is kind of different than other people’s.

8. Your friends’ idea of a gift is surprising you with a messy house, because cleaning it up would relax you more than going to the spa.

9. Just know that you might need an intervention if you start vacuuming your vacuum machine.


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Nice one

Mona Boustany on Jun 1, 2016 via mobile web