If you take the time to think outside the jewelry box, you will discover a treasure trove of unique artisanal shops in Beirut that cater to lovers of alternative jewelry. Here are just some of our favorites in Beirut!

1. Henry's Handmade

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Located near the end of Hamra’s main street, Henry’s Handmade has a crazy cool selection of accessories that both guys and girls will love. As you scan the rows and rows of merchandise, the owner, Henry, is often busy crafting new pieces. At first encounter he may come off as a bit reticent, but he will eventually warm up to you if you are lucky. Go there if you are in the market for Um Khalthoum earrings, Palestinian coin brackets, or AK 47 pendant necklaces. It’s basically the gangster’s paradise of jewelry.

2. L'artisan du Liban

A personal favorite of mine, this place specializes in home accessories, souvenirs, clothes, and jewelry. Because it was on my route home, I used to pop into this store more than occasionally, and I was always surprised to see how often they world change the stock with new offerings. Another plus is the fact that they have things that could suit any budget—from (relatively) inexpensive to very expensive. The jewelry you can find here is very reminiscent of that which you can find in a high-class museum gift shop. It’s geared toward the tastes of the cultured and the intelligent which makes it a great place to shop for your high brow friends.

3. Mukhi Sisters

Whether you're looking for adorable ladybug/cupcake earrings or grungy rings, this designer duo has it all. From pieces that reflect the glamor of the past like beautiful emerald rings, to more modern pendants and bracelets, Mukhi Sisters has something for everyone and for every budget.

Here's the best part: they usually run incredible offers on Wednesdays, so be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date!

4. Rosa Maria Jewelry

Designing jewelry for both men and women, this unique store is most known for the very awesome rings. You can also find shoes, clothes, and other accessories.

5. Ants

Located in Hamra on Makhoul street, the first thing you will notice when you walk in this store is the smell of incense burning which is perfect since most of the jewelry they make there recalls things you might buy on a trip to southeast Asia. They have very unique pieces all made by hand but could be bit pricier than you would expect due to the high quality and design finesse they offer. The great thing about Ants is that if there is a problem with anything you buy—the clasp breaks or the beads come undone—they will fix it for you free of charge.

6. Orient 499

A friend of mine who shops here calls this store “evil” because it’s almost impossible to walk in and come out without being tempted to buy something. The amazing but limited selection they have will hurt your pocketbook but everything is truly to die for and 100% unique.

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