Here are some facts you may or may not have known about this holy month!

1. It’s not just about fasting.

Sure, that may be the most highlighted aspect of Ramadan, but the month of Ramadan is about so much more to Muslims. An equally important part of the holy month is reflecting on (and helping) the less fortunate.

2. TV ratings go through the roof.

Being one of the most favored ways to pass time during fasting hours, it is no surprise that TV networks reap the benefits during the month of Ramadan. Factor in the fact that many 30-day soap operas and series schedule their releases with the beginning of Ramadan, and you’ll have very high rates of viewership.

3. Businesses boom as well.

With the exception of bars, beaches, and nightclubs, businesses actually do rather well during the month of Ramadan. People like to shop during Ramadan in order to pass time during the day, and shops often have great offers and deals available. It is a close second to Christmas in that regard.

4.Prisoners are sometimes pardoned.

This is most common in the UAE where the best-behaved prisoners (who are in prison for petty crimes) get official royal pardons. Last year, 879 prisoners were released after a pardon from HRH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

5. Some people are exempt from fasting.

Not everyone has to fast Ramadan, and a number of exceptions are made. Mainly this group includes the elderly, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and the ill.

6. And then there’s travelers.

If you are traveling a significant distance, you are also exempted from fasting, but you’ll have to make those days up!

7. You could be punished for eating in public.

In some stricter societies, publicly eating or smoking can result in a fine or even jail time.


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