Check out these ridiculous gendered products.

1. These tissues for men.

So you don’t blow your nose like a bitch.

2. These identical laxatives.

Women need pills to be pink otherwise their bodies can’t process them. Also: why do the men get 10 extra pills?

3. These gendered earplugs.

Because putting pink buds in your ear would be totally gay.

4. This manly chapstick.

This one has the word “engineered” on it so it’s even more masculine.

5. This precious bath bomb.

For when you want to have a bubble bath but your penis is getting in the way so you need a grenade to even things out.

6. This very different tea mix.

The women’s tea works twice as hard but gets half the pay.

7. This ridiculous bread.

For all the times you need a manwich.

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