There is something almost pornographic about looking at these photos of party food from the 1970s. It feels like a still from the show Mad Men or a memory of your parents’ old holiday parties.

I recently found a Twitter account dedicated to retro party food in all its disgusting glory - and I was taken. It was like the mothership calling me home.

Most of the recipes seem to be of various canned items suspended in jello, moulded into different shapes, and use a fuck-ton of tuna. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Shrimp suspended in tomato juice jello.

Because Satan needs a snack.

2. Carrots, green beans, and unidentified meat suspended in gelatin.

Layers of hell.

3. Prawn-stuffed apples.

For when you want to puke all night.

4. Cauliflower center meatloaf.

This is my favorite for all the wrong reasons.

5. This “thrifty man-pleaser.

Okay I read the recipe on this one and only gagged four times. Its basically deviled eggs laid on top of egg noodles, smothered in a pound of Velveeta cheese and butter, sprinkled with soft bread crumbs. *Tears*

6. This eggplant stabbed with various cheeses.

Because presentation is important.

7. This monster.

There is no way of knowing what this is, what it includes, or what it is made of. But it is fucking terrifying.

8. Avocado cake?

The insides remain a mystery, thankfully.


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Number 5 sounds nice

Jad Saliba on Jul 4, 2016 via mobile web
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Number 5 sounds nice.

Jad Saliba on Jul 4, 2016 via mobile web
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what's the username for that twitter account? :o

Elie Daher on Jun 18, 2016 via web