There are many things that the Lebanese don’t agree on, and naming the best shawarma restaurant is no exception. A controversial subject, the country is brimming with spots claiming to be the best shawarma that you have ever tried. Here are five great places to grab a delicious bite of the guilty pleasure, please add your suggestions in the comments section!

1. Joseph in Sin El-Fil

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This spot was hailed the king of the shawarma and home of the world’s tastiest sandwich for a good reason. The meat is succulent without being greasy and the restaurant itself is clean. Juicy filling, fresh condiments, and soft warm bread; it’s the best.

2. Marrouche, Manara

This much-loved spot offers garlic chicken sandwiches made with charcoal for 7,000LL, which is kind of expensive but definitely worth it. When Marrouche closed for a bit a couple years ago, people kind of freaked out. Although their chicken sandwich is famous, be sure to try their chicken shawarma too, it’s perfect every single time.

3. Boubouffe in Achrafieh

If you want to have some comfort food in a cool setting, Boubouffe is the place to go. The meat shawarma platter feature expertly cut pieces of meat that are marinated in some sort of secret mix that uses the highest quality of oils and spices. it is served with a crunchy toasted pita bread that makes it the perfect cheat meal.

4. Shawarma Show

Their beef shawarma is succulent and evenly spiced, wrapped in a crunchy toasted pita; it is the thing shawarma dreams are made of! They also have a delicious chicken shawarma that comes with a side of delicious french fries.

5. Barbar

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Love it or hate it, this place is an institution in Hamra and for good reason. It never closes and never ceases to have fewer than half a dozen customers at any given time. The fact that Barbar was still up and running during the Civil War just gives it added street credit. That, and the fact that it offers a pretty great shawarma sandwich. The big portion of chicken is wrapped in a warm pita bread, slathered in toum, and don’t forget the pickles!

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There is a great shawarma joint which is called Fak's Shawarma, their chicken shawarma is the best. the problem is that they don't have a fixed shop, they only open in festivals. I really recommend you try it if you see their stand in any festival!

Jad Fakhani on Jun 18, 2016 via web
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Well I know your page is called Beirut but the title is "5 must-try Shawarmas in Lebanon" so it's a bias to cover the Shawarmas in Beirut while in Tripoli there are two Shawarma places that beat all the five above.You have Ridani & Abou Sobhi that Shawarmas are heavenly

Khaled Merheb on Jun 16, 2016 via web