Dearest racist Lebanese people,

How are you? Have you been well? Have you had the opportunity to insult a black person lately? Cool.

So, for years now you've (successfully) worked against allowing migrant workers and non-white people into your precious pools and beaches. You’ve complained to beach management when they’ve allowed housekeepers to swim, citing ‘all the diseases they carry’ as a plausible reason for the heinous exclusion. (Honey, nothing anyone carries can come close to that jacked up strain of HPV you caught in college.)

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God forbid their dark skin should touch the same particles that your precious skin cells are hanging out in. It might deactivate the years of religious application of Creme de la Mer.

But let’s be real for a minute, you small-minded bigots. The trash crisis is threatening the sanctity of your time at Orchid and Iris Beach. It has taken your Monaco-esque beaches and turned them into literal piles of decomposing shit. You are literally swimming around in fecal matter and hazardous waste, it's funny how that doesn't bother you while the mere suggestion of a non-white person swimming in your vicinity will send you into a crazy panic.

By funny I mean fucked up, and by fucked up I mean you're the worst. Please slit your wrists so we can have a better world without you.

Hatefully yours,

P.S We once published an article about beaches that allow domestic workers in, and those who don't. You can check it out here and boycott the culpable beaches.

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I agree with Mr. Awada; it doesnt work like that; not if u re non-white friend or companion or relative or wtv got a racist treatment, you go and post your anger on the internet; The article is immature, reevaluate your methods. Cheers,

Evangelo Abboud on Jul 1, 2016 via mobile web
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Yeah totally right ! And also let them take your land and fuck your wives. I suggest you expatriate to their land i'm sure you would be happier there

Jeanne Levin on Jun 29, 2016 via web
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dear Lama the article's title is itself an insult to the whole population of include everyone as a racist is out of the have anger issues you need to work on.there are 5 million lebanese who live in a small piece of land.5 million different character.we have the good and the need to reconsider your options.the subject is important and bringing awareness and education is helpful ,but I disagree with your methods.

Ghassan Awada on Jun 19, 2016 via web