Summer’s just around the corner and it’s time to give your wardrobe a glamorous upgrade. Accessorize your look with these top runway picks, styled in different variations to satisfy your fashion appetite!

90s Resurgence: The Choker

Designers have been reminiscing on different aspects of 90s fashion this season. And what a better way than reworking the choker necklace to secure a winning comeback? Note that the basic black tattoo choker is by no means your only option. From velvet to leather and from metal to fabric, the range of styles and material is broader than ever! You may also opt for a more sophisticated beaded/embellished choker like the one I picked for this luminous outfit.

Shoulder Dusters: The New Statement Earrings

As seen on the runways of Céline, Oscar De La Renta, and Alexander McQueen among others, shoulder dusters are the latest trend in the earring department. Boho or baroque, these long, dangling earrings (long enough to brush upon your shoulders, in fact) can give life to just any outfit. I chose statement tassel earrings for this particular outfit, essentially built around simple black basics, in order to add an eccentric twist to the overall look. But you can always go for more conventional alternatives like feathers, chains, or crystals to spice up your outfit.

Go Graphic: Geometric Patterns Taking Over 2016 Bags

It’s all about statement handbags this summer! Bold graphic bags definitely came on top of the list, with designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney giving their bags a striking geometric makeover. And while these bags can blend perfectly with a simple, plain outfit combination, the trick to elevate your look and stand out from the crowd is to carefully mix patterns that fall within the same color palette, just like I did with the above outfit.

Bangles: An Unexpected Blast from the Past

Who would’ve thought that these chunky bracelets would make a huge comeback on the accessory map after all these years? Well, they made it and they made it big. Rejoice, you may now unearth your old bangles and reincorporate them into your everyday look! And while I opted for a single gold piece to complement the monochromatic vibe of this particular outfit, you guys can also ornament your wrists with a whole set of matching or disparate bangles to give an edge to your look.

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