One of our favorite things to do during Summer is to spend a lovely day at the beach, and what could be better than bringing our furry best friends along?

We’ve compiled a list of dog friendly beaches around Lebanon so you and your dog can have an incredible day out!

Note: Be sure to keep your dog well hydrated and provide a resting area in the shade to avoid over-heating.

1. Jiyeh Beach

Located right next to Lazy B, Jiyeh Beach happens to be one of the loveliest sandy beaches where you can go and spend a relaxing day with your dog. It’s a quiet shore with no music, and really good food.

Cost: 15,000 L.L on weekdays and 20,00 L.L on weekends

2. O-Glacee

A rocky beach with a great crowd and lots of music, this is the place for you to party while you tan. It is known for its little pond that tends to be freezing cold hence its name “O-Glacee”. Furry friends welcome!

Cost: 15,000 L.L minimum charge (can be used on food or drinks)

3. Pierre & Friends

One of our favorites, this is a place where you would enjoy a great day at the beach, a breathtaking sunset, and a fun beach party all in one. The best part? Your dog is welcome to enjoy it as well.

Cost: Free entrance

Post edit: Dogs are allowed in Pierre & Friends on weekdays only, not weekends.

4. Tyre Beach

A tranquil and beautiful beach far from the crowds and clutter, where you can enjoy reading a book, the gentle waves rolling in, and gorgeous blue water. The beach is huge so your pooch can run around, swim, and chill in the shade.

Cost: Free entrance

5. Zoo Beach

Blue waters, white sand, and great vibes. Zoo beach is located in Batroun, where you can enjoy a full day full of sun, music, and a great sunset with your best furry friend.

Note: We couldn’t get in touch with the current owners to inquire about the entrance fees.

6. Cloud 59

This is a really incredible beach located in Tyre. It has soft sand, sparkling blue waters, and a really great managing team that works hard to keep the beach clean and friendly. Pets welcome!

Cost: 10,000 L.L entrance

7. Beach 45, Rmeileh

Located around 40 km away from Beirut, Beach 45 is a sandy beach with a 500 meters of sandy shore in front of open blue waters. There are always several friendly dogs running around, so you and your pet are sure to have a great time!

Cost: 12,000 L.L entrance

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In a country where people don't respect eachothers and furthermore leave their dog shit on the beach for kids to step in, no thank you for these do friendly beaches!

Christian Jabre on Jun 30, 2016 via mobile web