A hipster is defined as “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream”. Sound familiar? It’s not necessarily a bad thing and we’re all gotten caught up in the hipster movement, but sometimes too much is too much. Here are the top reasons why Beirut has become the hipster capital of the region:

1. The fashion trends

Whether it’s the vintage glasses/sunglasses, the bohemian clothes, the overalls for girls, or the beard for guys, Lebanese people have proved that they can adopt with any hip fashion trend thrown at them. Vintage and eclectic shops have sprung up everywhere around Beirut to satisfy the needs of our local hipsters.

2. The music

The musical tastes of Lebanese people seem to go though different phases. Remember when everyone was obsessed with Tiesto? Any artist or music coming from Berlin is automatically deemed really good and techno clubs are full each Saturday with people taking selfies to show the world that they’re the new underground generation. Just...don’t.

3. The restaurants and bars

Suddenly, many of the restaurants and bars have this modern industrial decor with Christmas-like lights hanging just about anywhere. They’re really cool, I know - but don’t over do it. Also, almost every pub and cafe is now serving our drinks in mason jars!

4. The culinary lifestyles

The number of vegetarians and vegans skyrocketed within recent years, and anything labeled Quinoa has become highly demanded (and inexplicably expensive too). Healthy “bio” restaurants and supermarkets are the place to be and their clients make sure that the world knows what they’re eating.

5. We all became artists with tortured souls

Image via dontpaniconline.com

Whether it’s the overly filtered pictures on Instagram, the profound twisted posts on Facebook, or just the deep crap thrown in conversations, the people of the city are evolving into a new era of artistic expression. Everyone has become magically interested in artistic events, which is pretty awesome! But the thing is, many of these people miss the reason of their visit because they’re too busy taking Snapchat selfies to show how cultured they are.

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