The country has been in crisis for years now, and we all feel like giving up. Every country in the world has problems of racism, infrastructure, and politics - we’re not suggesting that you ignore all these problems, but it’s good to put them aside once in a while, and enjoy the little things.

1. Meet some entrepreneurs

These are the people who are still investing their time and energy in Lebanon. Here are some Lebanese App developers working against the odds.

2. Drive up to the mountains

Smell the pine trees and remember that there is some good in the world.

3. Take a walk on the corniche

Go early, stare at the sea.

4. Go to Sour

The perfect mix of a coastal city and an old village.

5. Go to the silk museum in Bsous

6. Take a walk around Saida

Check out the old souks, the cathedrals, mosques, soap factory, tiny alleys, and friendly people.

7. Take in the history in Deir el Qamar

8. Visit one of these unbelievably beautiful places

9. Drink coffee in a small cafe in Beirut

People watch and fall in love.

10. Go to Arz, to the Cedar reserve.

11. Go to the Msaylha Castle in Chekka

12. Visit a local winery

13. Have yourself a seafood lunch in Jbeil

Drink some arak too.

14. Go surfing in Batroun

15. Check out the olive harvest in the South of Lebanon

16. Go for a walk in Taanayel

17. Chill in Mar Mikhael

This tiny patch has managed to become a hub for bars, restaurants, and cafes against all odds.

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It is our only escape ......go to nature , & know more of the Lebanese who r working against all odds . I love u my dear LEBANON

Mona Musallam on Oct 14, 2016 via web