Anyone who has been on a date in the years after 1975 has been asked this at one point or another.

It’s usually posed in a quiet environment when inhibitions are low, someones top is about to fly off, and the alcohol is flowing. “How many people have you been with?”

It’s such a vulgar and rude question; who’s counting? It count be six or sixteen (but definitely not sixty). I have no fucking idea because I’m not the type of creepy person who mentally tallies these things.

I once went out with a guy who told me he had been with thirteen women, I honestly would have been more comfortable with him telling me he had clubbed a baby seal to death. There is something inherently creepy and gross about keeping a mental journal of your partners, viewing them as numbers that will raise your score; it’s a major red flag.

To be fair, the question has some innocent motives behind it; people want to know if they are special, it’s a major part of sex and dating. Are they being invited to a magical place where only one other person has ventured? Or are they moving towards a free for all?

Well, you’re not that special, and it’s not a free for all.

I read somewhere that the average number of partners for a woman in this country is 4 in a lifetime. I’ve had Saturdays that have been more eventful than that.

P.S I usually just say, “as many as your mom has had”. Because I’m mature like that.


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The TYPICAL Lebanese answer "ad umak"

Rudy AlHaddad on Jul 5, 2016 via web