We all know that most of the time, many of our events and outings end up revolving around food, and usually end up being a simple “sit at a restaurant” trip. However, those hot summer days and nights open the door for a lot more if we really just stop thinking with our stomachs and get a little creative.

How many of us have pined for something new and unique to do on a summer day, only to end up caving in to the same old typical dining or partying out in a restaurant or pub? Why not release our inner child, get active, and create new experiences while we still can?

1. Discover secret gardens

In the mood for a stroll? Or a revitalizing bike ride? There is what I like to call a secret garden in Taanayel. You may think I’m exaggerating, but this place is for real. It has singing birds, serene swimming ducks in a lovely lake, and a road paved with enchanting trees. It can be a very romantic trip with your significant other, or a relaxing day with your friends, either way it is definitely a memorable place. All of Taanayel is worth visiting, so hunt around and explore!

2. Beirut by Bike

If you love cycling, but are bored by the idea of serenity and nature, you can discover the hustle bustle of the city while getting your dose of the outdoors. Who says outdoors has to mean out in nature? If you are more of a city person, this one is a good alternative to simply eating at one of the city’s restaurants.

3. Horse-back riding

Craving a little more adventure? Ride a horse instead of a bike! There are several places in Lebanon where you can get on a saddle supervised by the horses’ care-keepers. Who knows, you may end up discovering a passion you never knew you had. In any case, it is definitely an enjoyable and different experience you can share with friends this summer. You can check out this horseback riding club for more information.

4. Hiking

Why not get a cardio workout while exploring Lebanon’s beautiful scenery by joining a hiking trip? It’s a summer activity that will help you get in shape rather than one that revolves around food, oh and you get a tan too! Check out this handy guide for hiking trails and guided hikes.

5. Sailing

Instead of shelling out your cash to party, round up a few friends and pitch in to rent a boat or a small yacht instead. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be! Sometimes the whole thing can cost as little as $30/person when you get a good deal. You can check out all the yachts they have for rent at the Dbayeh Fishing Club and find something that suits your fancy and budget.

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