Wedding season is still going strong, and the majority of us probably still have quite a few to go before it’s over. Since we can’t possibly wear the same dress twice (what would our friends on Facebook think?!) nor have the money to spend on another $400 evening dress, we thought we’d help you out a little with this nifty list.

1. The Outlets (Agency 4 All, Glowbal, Brands for Less, )

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Yes, I know some of you are thinking ‘Me? Shop at an outlet store? Never!’, but unless you can afford to spend more than $400 dollars on an evening dress, you should get over yourself because the outlets are the perfect place to go. Not only will you find brand-named items in great quality, there’s also a sure chance you’re not going to spot anyone wearing what you’re wearing, since most of the pieces don’t come in multiples or even different sizes.

2. Ted Baker

It seems like simple, affordable, pretty dresses which aren’t bedazzled, covered in sequins and over-embellished are extremely difficult (if not impossible) to find in Lebanon but have no fear, they do exist (you just need to know where to find them). First stop: Ted Baker. Ted knows how to do simple without sacrificing beauty, and the evening dresses attest to that. From summery floral prints, to lace details and sexy cut-outs, with a Ted Baker dress you can still sparkle this summer sans all the bling.

3. Jujule Lemonie

Stepping into Jujule Lemonie is like stepping into a candy store, there’s something for every taste and budget. Founded and run by a young Lebanese couple, the shop is a mix of trendy and unique pieces, and you won’t find anything typical or déjà vu here. Most of the pieces in the shop are available in only 1 or 2 pieces, meaning no ‘who wore it better’, and the best part is you can even ask for certain items in the color and length of your choice.

4. Miss Selfridge

Looking for something classy and formal without breaking the bank? Head to Miss Selfridge and take your pick from a variety of dresses for very affordable prices. You’ll find every style from bandeau to bodycon to flowy and embellished maxi dresses all for under $100. Miss Selfridge doesn’t discriminate either, whether you’re petite or curvy in all the right places, there’s a dress for you and unlike many shops, they carry sizes 4-18.

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