Mothers have their own unique way of showing their love, and Lebanese mothers are no different! Sometimes it can be overwhelming, other times it’s annoying, but it’s always loving. We also know that if she ever stopped her typical motherly habits, we’d miss them dearly. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the cute little habits our mothers have.

She takes pride in her cooking

One of your mom’s missions in life is to make sure you never go hungry, that’s why she will always cook enough food to feed 25 people even though you’re only 5.

She has the biggest Tupperware collection ever

How else would you take your doggy bag share of her gigantic meal? But be sure to always return her precious little containers!

She’ll teach you a thing or two on managing money

If you dare ask to borrow $10 from her, she’ll promptly question you about the $10 she gave you back a couple of years ago! Once a mom, always an accountant!

She loves to go to the supermarket

It doesn’t matter if she’s made a specific grocery list with only a few items to buy, each time she goes to the store, mother will always come back with the whole supermarket in tow.

She swears by her Arabic coffee

She cannot wake up properly without her daily dose of coffee, and cannot go to bed without having another cup either! That’s without mentioning the several daily refills. Oh, and don’t try to sell her on a cup of Starbucks, it won’t work.

She worries when you’re on the roads

Regardless of where you’re heading (Anfeh, Ashrafieh or just one block away), your mom will always tell you to be careful, not because she doesn’t trust your driving skills, but because of other people’s craziness on the roads.

She gets technology her own way

She’s on Facebook because she doesn’t want to miss a single thing in your digital life, she will like and share all your pictures, and she might even accidentally send a friend request to your ex without even realizing it. Thanks, mom.

She will always blame it on the evil eye

Whatever might happen to you: whether it’s catching a cold, getting bad grades at school, not getting promoted at work, or not finding a place to park your car, she’ll always say “heyde seybet 3ein”.

She’ll teach you respect

If you dare to embarrass her in public, she might temporarily grant you her widest smile in front of all the people, but be sure that there’s a lecture waiting for you when you get home.

She’ll force you to try on clothes you hate

Never question her sense of fashion because your mom is always right about everything and will know better than anyone which outfits suit you best.

She will always love you as her baby

You might be a 30-something year old accomplished professional, but she will always treat you like her little baby, calling you “mama” and other sweet nicknames. And deep down, you know you love that too.

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So very true although my mom was not a typical Lebanese mom.

Winny Kazan on Jul 20, 2016 via web
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Haha 😂 I have a Lebanese father. He's exactly the same. Especially blaming the evil eye on everything that happens. Love this 😊

Emma El-Imad on Jul 18, 2016 via mobile web
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Excellent. Love u nouchi

Mona Boustany on Jul 18, 2016 via mobile web