It just so happens that I’m the early bird amongst my group of friends. Even my husband had to get used to it; whenever we watch TV in the evening I always end up falling asleep on the couch at a very early hour. Of course there are many quirks related to the fact that I hate going to bed late, and I’m sure people like me will relate!

1. Don’t mess with my sleep cycle

Otherwise, I’ll just be cranky all day long. And even though I may do a 7 PM -7 AM sleep marathon, it doesn’t mean I’m a morning person either!

2. The university days

When my friends used to come over to study for final exams, I could never be the night owls they were and stay up late to study (or God forbid pull all-nighters). I’d just be a zombie and crash in my fluffy bed super early.

3. Going out

I tend to organize my social life around my bedtime. Yes you heard me; I mean why would I go to a party that starts at 10 PM while I can go out have drinks and dinner and be home by 10 PM instead? 

4. Traveling

Jet lag is the absolute worst! But the good part is when I travel to countries where they usually go out to dinner early, I’m so happy to avoid the typical 10 PM Beirut dinner reservation where you don’t get to see your bed before midnight!

5. Movie nights

When my friends ask me to pick between an 8 PM or a 10 PM screening, I usually pick the 6 PM one. Otherwise I’ll just end up yawning through most of the movie. I mean, unless you feed me a large popcorn!

6. My tireless entourage’s intervention

Sometimes my friends try to drag me along to their late night parties, though they have to work the next day. Let’s be clear: I could never survive on four hours sleep.

7. About New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is such a hassle since it only gets going by 10 PM and everyone is forced to stay up til midnight, at least. I might as well celebrate it with the Australians and get it over with.


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Hahaha. Good one

Mona Boustany on Jul 25, 2016 via mobile web