You are always aspired to own your dream house in your country, Lebanon. Now is the time to realize your dream. With the Non-Resident Lebanese Home Loan from Arab Bank, you can finance your own house in Lebanon simply and conveniently through any of their branches in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain or Lebanon.


Loan Period: Up to 20 years
Interest Rate: Competitive Interest Rates
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to USD 500,000
Special Benefits: Financing up to 75% of the house value. Ability to finance mortgage fees. Ability to finance property registration fees. Simple and straightforward procedures through any of our branches Pre-approved Visa Credit Card (free of charge) through any of our branches in host country


Applicant Age: 21 to 64 years old
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese
Documents Required: Copy of valid ID Copy of valid Lebanese passport Copy of valid residency visa Recent utility bill in the name of client Recent Salary certificate Last six months bank statement
Non-Resident Lebanese House Loan at Arab Bank

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    Bank Product of: Arab Bank Rachid Karami Street, Simmakieh Building Verdun

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    Bank Product of: Arab Bank Makdessi Street Hamra

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    Bank Product of: Arab Bank Rihani Center Corniche El Mazraa

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