Bank of Beirut has developed, in collaboration with the Public Corporation for Housing (PCH), a perfect easy-to-get housing loan at competitive benefits and without any Bank Commission.


Minimum Down Payment: 10%
Loan Period: 30 years
Interest Rate: 4.67% (20% of 2-year Treasury Bills (valued 5.84% as Central Bank of Lebanon dated August 31, 2013; Subject to change) + 3.5%)
File Fees: File fees at 0.5% of the chosen loan amount
Real Estate Fees: No Real Estate Fees
Maximum Loan Amount: LBP 270,000,000
Service Charges: USD 150


Applicant Age: At least 21 and be able to settle 3/4 of the loan before 64
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese citizen for at least 10 years and a resident of Lebanon
Minimum Monthly Income: LBP 2,000,000 for private sector employee and LBP 1,500,000 for public sector employee
Career Status: Minimum of 2 years of work experience
Maximum Monthly Income: 10 times the Minimum Wage
PCH Housing Loan at Bank of Beirut

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