Reggae beats by the beach, an awesome campsite, and a weekend getaway wrapped in one – walks you through the third edition of the Kul-Cha Reggae Festival – the first and only reggae festival in the Middle East.

1. Swim. Drink. Dance. Repeat

Kul-Cha takes place at the laid-back site Camping Amchit, North Lebanon – with the sparkling Mediterranean Sea as its backdrop. Escape from Beirut for the weekend and fully unwind, safe in the knowledge that some of the best things in life are right at your fingertips: sea, live music, booze. Take the tiny path that leads down to the sea, jump off the rocks and watch the bands from the sea. Dry off in the sun, take an ice cold beer and watch live music from the bar. Head to the dance floor and flop it all out. Annnnnnd repeat.

2. Be your neon Rasta self

The godfather of dub, Lee “Scratch” Perry is well-known for his off-the-wall outfits – so why not give the wild side a go yourself? His beard, dreads, and more recently cropped hair have been dyed every color under-the-sun and he accessorises like a mad-man – from a gold Pope hat, to the full regal pirate get-up. Perry is proof that true reggae and dub warriors are not afraid to express themselves – even if that “self” is a neon Rasta alien or a rainbow-colored swamp monster.

3. Dance your arse off

Putting the spotlight on Lebanese reggae bands such as Rasta Beirut and Rabih and the Playmates and with DJs spinning everything from dancehall, reggae, roots and ska to afrobeat, and bass-heavy beats – there’s going to be a lot of swagger happening on the Kul-Cha dance floor. There’s not many rules to dancing to reggae – for a non-committal display of music appreciation go for the reggae head sway – as the music gets more intense jerk your head back and forward with that bass line, a bit like a chicken. For the more courageous, position yourself center-dance floor and let your body flop every direction the music takes you – let your limbs become free form and break down the boundaries, man.

Reggae ain’t ballroom dancing – don’t drag your hesitant partner/lover/crush onto the dance floor. Two floppy dancers clashing knees and teeth won’t lead you down the road of romance.

4. Play with fire

Photo credit: Ali Annan Photography

Unlearn everything your mama ever taught you about not playing with fire – playing with fire is fun! Yep – after the sun sets, it’s time to embrace your tribal past with the festival’s nightly fire shows. Some tips for full fire enjoyment: sway to the flame flickering, give the object of your affection “the eye,” over the fire glow, get close enough to dry off your sea hair – the eco-friendly hairdryer – or bring some marshmallows on sticks and chase after the fire-starter.

5. Pitch up. Get down.

Photo credit: Ali Annan Photography

When it’s 5 AM and you’re all danced-out, you’re going to be French-kissing yourself out of gratitude for reserving that tent spot, and pitching up pre swim-drink-dance-and-repeat. Now give yourself a pat on the back.

The Kul-Cha Reggae Festival will be taking place on Friday August 19- Saturday 20 at Camping Amchit, for more information, click here.

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