Because one of the best things about summertime is fresh salads…and because it’s still swimsuit season, we have compiled a list of the best spots around town to enjoy a tasty, healthy, and fulfilling salad bar.

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1. Mandaloun Café

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One cannot think of Mandaloun Café without having its famous salad bar come to mind! Forget all the food options on the menu and indulge in its scrumptious salad buffet, filled with all sorts of goodies that go beyond a few greens.

Price: 29,500 LL

2. Duo Restaurant

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With appetizing veggies and tasty selection of garnishes, Duo has all the right ingredients to make the perfect salad. Next time you’re shopping at either one of ABC’s outlets, you know where to sit back and enjoy a healthy meal.

Price: 26,500 LL

3. DT Kaslik

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This upscale and friendly restaurant has one of the most lavish salad bars, offering a wide selection of fresh vegetables and delicacies. Be ready to go for second rounds so you don’t miss a bite of this deliciousness.

Price: 22,000 LL

4. Batchig

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More of a mezzé bar, Batchig’s Lebanese and Armenian food selection makes it a one of a kind salad bar! It’s a perfect choice for vegetarians as all the dishes are meat free. Load up your plate and dig in as you enjoy this lovely variety!

5. Urbanista

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Filled with plenty of colorful choices, Urbanista’s salad bar will make your mouth water! Offering an exciting array of items, their all-you-can-eat salad bar buffet in a laid-back atmosphere is not to be missed! Their choices do not stop at plain vegetables, they have many roasted vegetable options, and the crab salad is definitely a crowd favorite!

Price: 24,500 LL

6. Casper and Gambini’s

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With a wide variety of fresh ingredients and delicious dressings, you can make your salad at Casper and Gambini’s any way you like it. With crab, perfectly cooked chicken, cheese, and pastas - eating salad has never tasted so good.

Price: 25,000 LL

7. Caffe Mondo

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Phoenicia Hotel’s casual Italian restaurant, Caffe Mondo, will make it so easy for you to stay in shape with all the veggies and garnishes that compose its yummy salad bar. But they have so much more than just boring greens, there are plenty of pasta, lentil, and other salads - as well as smoked salmon and various proteins! Be ready to fill up your plate more than once!

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