These places are all equipped with outdoor cooling, or are just so cool that you’ll forget how hot you are.
Here’s where you can get a drink in an outdoor space that’s not a rooftop.

1. Garden State, Sin el Fil

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Garden State is the perfect green oasis in the heart of Beirut's hectic chaos. As the name suggests, it is a garden crafted with care to make your after work drinks or your long summer nights breezy while you pound your heads to fresh tunes. Garden State is a garden and so much more, they also have incredible food! We recommend the mini-burgers and one of their many whisky cocktails.

2. Punta del Este, Jounieh

A Peruvian-Argentinean restaurant, pool, and outdoor bar all wrapped into one. Offering the dazzling view of Jounieh bay, their outdoor terrace and patio bar are perfect for a cool night (or day) outdoors. The margaritas are great, and don’t miss out on their exceptional food, especially the incredible fresh fish ceviche.

3. Villa Badaro, Badaro

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A restaurant/pub with indoor seating, but the real delight is its outdoor terrace. A fully renovated old villa hosts one of the most beautiful and old-style gardens in Beirut. Great food, great music, and great drinks!

4. Junkyard, Mar Mikhael

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This gastropub has been a crowd favorite since it opened. From a giant old trunk coming out of a wall, to graffiti, colorful jars, and paint cans, the “junk” at Junkyard is exceptional. The outdoor seating area is a welcome change from the cramped pubs of the area.

5. Trainstation, Mar Mikhael

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An outdoor venue located in the now abandoned train station of Mar Mikhael, TrainStation is a spacious and varied place. While it turns into a pretty intense party on weekends, it can also be a calm spot during the week! Sunset drinks, live stations of grilled food, and great music!

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