Lebanon and Scotch go together like…Lebanon and Scotch. And possibly the only thing Lebanese people will hold nearer and dearer than their love for Scotch is their love for food.

In fact, some of the local bars around Beirut are home to Lebanon’s best burgers, appetizers, and dishes; but something has been missing - Legitimate Bar Food.

We all know that legitimate pub grub needs to be two things: salty and small. It can’t be too big, it can’t be too elaborate - in true Goldilocks manner, it has to be just right. Enter The Scotch Egg. When it comes to bar snacks, nothing can beat a proper Scotch Egg, a traditional snack with a rich history.

It is known that good ol' Tommy Dewar, the man who taught the world how to drink whisky, had two obsessions: whisky and chickens, and even placed a red cockerel in his coat of arms. Combining his two passions, the Scotch Egg was born.

Done properly and served with a well-mixed cocktail (say, a Penicillin: Dewar’s 12, honey ginger syrup, and fresh lemon juice - you can learn how to make it by clicking here) the Scotch Egg will transform your drinking experience.

A simple hard-boiled egg gets taken to the next level when it is wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs, and baked or deep-fried. It is served with a simple mustard dip and instantly becomes the perfect accompaniment to wash back a cocktail.

And because we all know that cutlery has no place in the drinking scene, you’ll be happy to know that this snack is perfectly handheld.

The best part? The Scotch Egg Club is setting up shop in one of Lebanon's hottest music and arts festival, WickerPark. This annual festival will be taking place on the gorgeous shores of Batroun on September 10th, and this year's line-up is possibly the best one yet.

The awesome people behind The Scotch Egg Club have succeeded in creating a cool and relaxed atmosphere coupled with great vibes and amazing music, all the while maintaining the rich tradition of the Scotch Egg experience, and that is sure to be magnified at WickerPark.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to enjoy the union of cocktails, culture, and food.

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