Ah summer, the sea, the sun, and the fresh cocktails. Forget all your responsibilities for one day and drink the summer away at one of the best beaches, bars, restaurants, and other hot spots we have compiled for you. The best part is: most of these places are open by 10 AM!

1. St. Elmo’s

For a “perfect day at the bay”, head to St. Elmo’s in Zaitunay Bay and enjoy their specialty drinks, like the signature Bloody Mary, the refreshing Sangrias, and the various flavors of Mojitos. And don't forget their Happy Hour, weekdays from 5-7.

2. Ixsir Winery

Day-drinking definitely goes hand in hand with wine tasting! Located on the hills of Batroun, Ixsir will welcome you to its charming winery for a guided tour of its modern wine cellar. You can also try their restaurant “Nicolas Audi à la Maison d’Ixsir” where the food is a twist on traditional Lebanese cuisine.

3. Le Montagnou

If you want to escape Beirut’s summer heat, head to Le Montagnou in Faraya, where you can sip refreshing cocktails and relax by the infinity pool overlooking a truly spectacular landscape.

4. Orchid Beach Resort

For an amazing experience at the beach, unwind at Orchid Beach Resort. Whether in their Jiyeh or Batroun resort, savor any of their mixed drinks that all taste like vacation. With the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, you’re in for an unforgettable day.

5. Colonel Beer Brewery

Another great spot for day-drinking is Colonel Beer, Batroun’s first eco-friendly microbrewery. You can even go on tours of the brewery and get a taste of all their premium beers, and don’t miss their barbecue events just feet away from the shore.

6. Tawlet Ammiq

How about you take a road trip with your friends and discover a haven of serenity in the Bekaa, away from the hustle bustle of Beirut? Tawlet Ammiq is Souk el Tayeb’s second farmers kitchen where you can enjoy fresh local food and sip arak all day long on the terrace overlooking a stunning view of the valley.

7. Pierre and Friends

Nothing beats spending long hot summer days at the beach. A great place to enjoy drinks by the sea is Pierre and Friends’s beach bar located on the South shore of Batroun. Lay back, relax, and enjoy the few weeks left of summer with a glass of whatever you feel like having to forget!

8. Terminal B

If you can’t make it for a whole day of binge-drinking, you can always catch up with sunset drinks at Terminal B in Mar Mikhael. This open-air lounge welcomes you into a beautiful garden space where you will enjoy the most amazing cocktails in the city.


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