I go to the gym once a year in January just to save face and because it’s part of my New Year’s resolutions. But I don’t get how people love to exercise. Welcome inside of the mind of someone who hates working out at a gym:

1. What the hell am I doing here?

2. Okay, let’s try the treadmill. Classic and simple.

3. Now how long have I been simulating running?

4. IT’S ONLY BEEN 7 minutes??? But my legs are shaking.

5. Wow, look at that guy; he’s been on the spin bike for half an hour.

6. Okay, now I seriously gotta stop cardio, feels like I'm having a heart attack.

7. Why does everyone here look so glamorous and fit?

8. Except me, I’m the only one whose sweating like a pig. A Fat Pig.

9. It’s so crowded and everyone’s staring at me now.

10. Well I guess I’m just going to stare back. How are those people so fit?

11. Oh, perhaps because they use all these machines often.

12. I want to try something new but, what is it? What is a SUSPENSION machine?!

13. Omg this room just looks like a bad S&M movie.

14. Oh look, another fit person! Just in time to crush my spirits.

15. How can someone lift that much weight?!

16. Wow I am kind of hungry now. Plus I saw this burger picture on Instagram on my way here.

17. I'll just come back next week and ask for a personal trainer. Won’t he do all the work for me?

18. Because now all I can think about is a burger. And a shower.

19. I totally deserve this burger after my really hard exercise. And burgers are protein and I need protein.

20. That guy is still working out on the spin bike!!


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