Yes, we’ve all experienced the awful agony of going back to work after a long holiday and painfully disabling the “out of office” notice on our emails.

1. When you realize you have to be at the office tomorrow at 8 AM, after having been surfing on Florida’s coast for the past 2 weeks:

2. The thoughts you have while you are in the elevator that takes you up to your office:

3. When your boss has scheduled a meeting for your first day back:

4. And all you can think about is taking a vacation from your vacation:

5. Because you are completely jet lagged and all you want to do is take one big nap:

6. And you really can’t put up with those nasty colleagues you ran away from:

7. You just sit there pretending to work and to catch up on the 5,369 emails you received while away, but you’re just staring at your holiday pictures:

8. And you wonder why you work here in the first place:

9. And you finally decide it’s not worth it and you’re taking the day off:


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