Driving around the city can be hectic sometimes, but the stress of driving is nothing compared to the stress of finding a parking spot. In a city where households of two or three people own four cars, the streets are always jam-packed with vehicles. Here is what goes through our mind when we’re looking for parking in Beirut.

1. Positive thoughts: Akeed we’ll find a parking spot near the place.

Time to gather all the coins under the sun! This sentiment is usually followed by driving around for 15-minutes before giving up and finally parking 20-minutes away.

2. The first sign of frustration: Seriously, no spots?! Okay, maybe I just need to do one more turn.

Spoiler alert: you won’t find a spot and after parking 15-minutes away, you walk to your destination only to find a parking spot right by the entrance.

3. When you’ve given up: Leh ma fi valet?

If you’re like me and your parking skills are practically non-existent, then valet parking is your go-to option. Unless there is none, and with that sad realisation, your whole world comes crashing down before your eyes and you start to question the meaning of life. Then you remember where all the parkings are and just go to one of them.

4. The rage: Lek hayda, mabya3ref ysof, mwa22af l ser kello!

Translation: Look at that guy causing traffic because he doesn’t know how to park.

This sentiment is sometimes followed by: “It must to be a woman, women do not belong behind the wheel”. Seriously, no one’s going to be able to park in a timely manner, if everyone else’s horns are honking, causing an unnecessary distraction.

5. This double standard: Tawwel belak, ma sheyfne 3am soff? wallaw?!

Translation: Hold your horses people, can’t you see I’m parking? Rude.

This person has no problem throwing a fit and blasting their horn while waiting for someone else to park. But if you do the same while they’re parking, they’ll get offended.

6. Only to get angry all over again: Don’t tell me what to do. I know how to park my car, thank you very much.

This thought usually occurs when you’re parking your car somewhere, and someone you don’t know decides to disturb your process by waving their arms around and saying things like: “arbeh ba3ed”, “khalsa, khalsa”.

7. Heaven: I have found it. I have found a spot!

You experience a few seconds of bliss and then you see a motorcycle, parked there, like a proud gazelle, while taking up a full parking spot. At this point, you throw your arms in the air and say: “screw it, I’m going home.”

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