This is like having a website for my pet unicorn. What’s the point?

1. The pixelated as F intro

It’s good to see they didn’t spend that much time/money making this. Chances are, they took (read: stole) the money dedicated to making the website and forced some employees niece or nephew to build them a website. I would hate to think whoever was responsible for this mess is a grown ass adult.

2. The ‘word art’ mess

I haven’t seen this much word art since elementary school. And please note the “COMPLAIN CENTER”!

3. Their big announcement

Hahahah if you lose power for more than 6-hours, they want you to call a hotline to ask about the reason why this happened. Let me guess, the reason is that you’re incompetent? “Our energy at your Service” - save it.

4. The “Usefull Info”

Let me help you out here, it’s ‘useful’ not usefull - and it’s actually useless. What are the chances any of us will get electrocuted when you never give us any damn electricity?

5. The ‘Cherman Messagea'

(Look at the URL on top!) The cherry on top of this hot sundae mess of a website is the “Cherman’ Messagea”.

If you want to check out the hot mess for yourself, click here.

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