They are dedicated to quality education to enrich the lives of students from around the country. Their programs combine high-quality daily tutoring with one to one reinforcements and custom exam simulations to provide an enjoyable and effective educational and cultural experience.

They understand that students of all ages need to be engaged in their learning through programs that fit their personalities and learning styles. Therefore, they proudly offer a variety of flexible options in their course offerings.

Benefit from our exclusive offers:

HELProgram provides a family discount when there are multiple siblings enrolled simultaneously. Students can benefit from the Sibling Discount starting their first month. If eligible, two siblings enrolled at the same time in the center will benefit from a 15% discount each; three or more siblings will be entitled to a 25% discount.

HELProgram provides a referral discount when a student refers a friend to join the center. Students can benefit from the Referral Discount starting the following month. One friend referral will benefit the student a 10% discount; after two or more referrals, the student will be entitled to a 20% discount.

Tutoring students after school and helping them succeed and reach high grades to make them stand out, and make their parents proud!

  • Special Feature:
    ~ Agenda
    ~ Private sessions and reinforcements
    ~ Exam preparations
    ~ Special courses for the Lebanese official exams (Brevet & Terminal)


Addresses and Contacts

  • Map

    Haael Al Salame Street, Quatre Saisons Bldg. Beit Mery Tel.: +9614873193
    Mob.: +9613520764



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