I went down a YouTube spiral recently and discovered what I believe is the best song that’s ever been made.

In 1968, Queen Sabah performed an English/Arabic dance track called Maximum You Can Touch Me in the film A Man in Tehran.

I cannot even begin to describe this song. The lyrics are perfect, the tune is catchy, and it serves as an amazing template for a break-up text or a text to confirm that you’re only interested in hooking up.

Here are the lyrics:

Maximum you can touch me, maximum you can squeeze me, maximum you can kiss me but love you no

Maximum you can dance with me, maximum you can chat with me, maximum you can touch me but love you no

My heart is big and it needs a big love, but you're only worth dancing with me and taking me out

I might sit next to you, hear your heartbeats and you'll ask me if I love and I'll say no

You might hold my hand, go crazy while we try a new dance, get lost in a far away world, but love you no

She’s basically saying, hey we can mess around but that’s it so back off.

I’ve already quoted it to a billion people. Enjoy.

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It's better than the English songs Haifa or any of the other smurf artists of the arab world. But it's not that catchy dear.. It's ok I guess.. Allah yer7am7a

Khaled Dakakni on Sep 18, 2016 via mobile web