I love food and would hate to compromise its flavors because I want to stay fit or lose some weight. If you’re anything like me, check out this guide of places where you can have both delicious and nutritious food that won’t compromise you staying in shape. Who would have thought that keeping it healthy would be this simple?

1. Khass W Bass

Create your own filling salads and sandwiches from the freshest ingredients in the market. They also have delicious breakfast treats that will keep you running the whole day, and a variety of platters that are balanced and delicious!

Order by calling 01- 803 301

2. Breakfast Barn

If you want to kick off the day with a yummy breakfast, call Breakfast Barn! This place will offer you the right choices to satisfy your taste buds while staying in shape: from mouthwatering yoghurt mixes to a unique selection of toasts, they have a really exciting selection of healthy breakfasts. They also deliver light gourmet salads and sandwiches for lunch.

Order by calling 01-333 532

3. Fiber

All I can think about when I’m dieting is burgers and sandwiches, rarely greens. Fiber will allow you to satisfy your cravings without making you ‘cheat’, as they prepare those usually fattening meals in a healthy manner. Everything they deliver is either baked, steamed, or grilled, but never fried. Enjoy!

Order by calling 01-735 935

4. Diet Delights

Reduce the fat without giving up the sweet things in life! That’s the motto of Diet Delights, a nutrition center which boasts a wide variety of low calorie and low carb food options on their menu, so you can keep having healthy lunches without taking away the pleasure of eating.

Order by calling 76-191 000

5. Kitchen Confidential

If you are gluten or lactose intolerant, Kitchen Confidential’s menu is perfect for you. It offers a large choice of healthy foods and daily specials all based on gluten free, lactose free, yeast free, and egg free recipes, using organic ingredients to help you eat smart and delicious at the same time.

Order by calling 01-201 353

6. Ginger & Co

For the sushi lovers who like to keep it tasty without the huge amount of rice and mayonnaise that’s usually found in sushi, Ginger&Co offers a selection of light maki rolls that are to die for!

Order by calling 05- 956 446

7. Roadster Diner

Want to enjoy delicious guilt-free food? You can check out Roadster Diner’s All Fit menu, prepared in collaboration with Le Gabarit Diet Center, where the calories, protein and carb details are listed next to each item on the menu, making it easier for you to keep track of what you eat!

Order by calling 1585

8. Abdel Wahab

Calling all the Lebanese machéwé addicts, you can opt to stay in shape and have a delicious platter of mixed grill with a side of fattouch or tabboulé. It’s fulfilling, healthy, and a great alternative to fast food!

Order by calling 01-200 551

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