Note: the photo below has no relevance to the piece other than the fact that the photos were taken at a beach. We refuse to publish those photos.

They even started out their ridiculous excuse for an article with the headline, ‘in photos: obscenity on the Lebanese shores”. Hey, I get it - you want your pathetic article to swoop you out of the failure that is your blog. You’re hoping that enough sexually repressed and pathetic people will click on it, share it, feign outrage.

We won't post the photos because we find them disrespectful to the individuals involved but the fact is, nobody should care that two girls were kissing - who did that harm? You should probably care more about the literally BILLIONS of other things that are wrong with the photos - the trash crisis and the hazardous beach space to name a couple.

The writer, who sounds like a real treat, highlighted the fact that the two girls had “no regard to families and children who were enjoying the last few days of summer.”

First off, your hateful and homophobic attitude is way more harmful to families and children. Secondly, we wish you were more outraged by nonconsensual sex than you are by this. We wish you were this offended about rape, sexual harassment, child brides, and domestic violence - but you chose two girls enjoying their time at the beach and kissing. Good morals!

Possibly the worst offense is that the writer never mentions his or her own name. They are perfectly comfortable snapping intimate photos of people, putting them online, writing hate-speech, and preaching about ethics and morality - all behind the cloak of anonymity.

If you’re such a moral compass, just truly the all-knowing mystic of what is right and wrong - tell us your name. Put your heterosexual photos up, of you kissing and frolicking in the waters. I bet your search history is teeming with lesbian porn.

The last thing I have to say is, girls - I will personally pay for you to have nicer accommodations than that shitty beach. How are you getting it on while surrounded by a mountain of sewage and trash?

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can you please share the link to the article?

Nathalie El Jorr on Sep 21, 2016 via web